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We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in retail world and we are known for having the largest professional system in the development and manufacture of home furniture and textile products from the Asian market. With more than 1000 containers shipped a year and with a commercial presence in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, today we are among the main suppliers of big and medium-sized retail chains in South America.






Our associated factories mainly from Malaysia, Vietnam and China, they are characterized by having a true and committed interest in marking their presence in America, bringing their work in an easy way to our continent. All our associated factories have specialization in various product categories according to their raw materials, the technologies used, human specialization, among others.


We are known for carrying out an in-depth study of both human needs and their trends for the formulation of our developments and final products. In particular, we treat each of our clients personally, analyzing their culture, personality, the market they are in, current products for sale, price maps, and reviewing and studying the real opportunities in each product category.


To provide companies with a unique and comprehensive service through which we make available the design with avant-garde trends, personalized development of their collections and excellent logistic support for items in the HOMEDECO area, where there are clear production advantages, which mean an opportunity for them to improvements in costs, quality, variety, innovation, technology or any other relevant aspect to achieve their objectives.


To be a reliable and specialized company focused on delivering an excellent service and becoming a strategic ally of our clients, in the HOMEDECO area, with associated factories that ensure quality and diversity in which we deliver solutions that add value to companies in getting out their objectives.

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