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We are characterized by manufacturing products with various high-quality materials and by producing with various structuring systems according to the requirements of each of our clients.




Extension constructive form used mainly in tables that allows the surface dimension to be enlarged between 30 to 50cm, with the facility of being able to store this extension under the cover when the original dimension is used, hiding the rail system that allows this mechanism and that can be metallic, wooden or a mix of both.  


Constructive form of extension used mainly in tables and generally of low cost since its extension is stored outside the table. It allows to enlarge its dimension between 30 to 100cm due to its system of rails that can be metallic, wooden or a mix of both materials.


Anchoring system used in chair frames, it is considered the most common and simple anchoring system. Characterized by incorporating a dowel in the middle of the frame that is glued and passes from side to side with two screws that adjust and secure the corners, giving the final fastening of the closure.


Anchoring system used in highly resistant chair frames, since in addition to using central dowels and screws, an angled piece of wood is incorporated into the four corners, making movement of the lower frames much more difficult, so the chair is much more stable over time.


Anchoring system used in chair frames and considered the safest and most firm in this type of furniture, it is also the most expensive due to the use of a double frame on the back of the seat frame. First, a complete seat frame is built that will be attached to the frame of the legs and back of the chair, then corner blocks are incorporated in the corners maintaining rigidity and firmness, so the chair is much more stable considering different types of weight that it can support.


Spring mechanisms that serve as support for mattresses and sofas, and are characterized by having great absorption of movement and individual weight, providing stability in the use of the furniture by different people. Specifically, they are steel spirals that are independently sheathed in a cloth, so there is no contact between them, reducing the transfer of movements, therefore the level of sinking of each spring will be according to the weight that is deposited on it.


These springs are a very easy to use and install support mechanism and are considered ideal for furniture with shallow frames such as ottomans, chairs and sofas (seats and backs). Specifically, they are made of high-tensile, two-dimensional S-shaped wire, clipped to the frame, and installed spaced approximately 2 inches apart.

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